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This tribute is to honor the memory of Akhilesh, who passed away last week. 

Little things about Akhilesh seep into our minds at this time, like his love for cricket and music and his sincerity to work. It’s hard to remember his deep calm demeanor and not be sad but it’s the best way to honor this man whose goodness leaves us with fond memories. 


During this hour of sadness, our prayers are with his mother, brother and sister. May Akhilesh’s soul rest in eternal peace. 



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    Rest in peace, dear friend.

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    Destiny comes in different shades and forms. He was planning to live a proper life and Veda gave him an opportunity to prove. Most of us understand the pain his family should be undergoing at the moment. May your soul rest in peace.


  3. It was shocking to know that the guy, who celebrated the pre new year bash with us in the office, is no more between us. I still remember the joy on his face that evening we last met him. It is more heartbreaking to know that father of Akhilesh died just few months back. We pray God to bless his family!

    Akhilesh, We all pray for your soul to rest in peace !

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    I am very new to the finding of this great site. I just wanted to express my sympathy for the loss of your friend. Peace and be well all of you. May his spirit begin a new journey and I hope that his family will be all right and find some sort of peace and blessings.

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