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Thursday, September 03rd, 2009 | Author:

Old is gold. The 66th Venice Film Festival starts today and touted as “the world’s best film festival”. There is both good and bad news for us. The bad news first, Bollywood has limited movement in this festival this year (when did it do?). The good news, although not a part of the “Competition category” Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra’s ‘Delhi 6′ and Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Dev D’ and Gulaal are among the four Indian movies that will be screened at 30126 Lido di Venezia. Amit Dutta an FTII passout will tell Aadmi ki aurat aur anya kahaniya – ‘The Man’s Woman and Other Stories’ through the 70 mm. What’s more, Anuraag Kashyap, an acclaimed Indian film maker also happens to be part of the prestigious six member jury of the festival.

DevD – inspired by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s Devdas, and Delhi-6 has tried to capture superstition, communal passions, dreams of the middle class, and urban malaise from the people living in the old part of Delhi, India’s capital. Gulaal is a classic cut on contemporary student politics.

More than eighty films will be screened cutting across 32 countries. Italy and America have record number of entries, 17 and 22 respectively. With Steven Speilberg tying up with ADAG, can we expect more Indian faces next year?

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Thursday, August 13th, 2009 | Author:

This independence let’s do something special.

December 2008 we had a Blogging contest and all the programmers complained that this is something that content team will win, eventually it was Vikram from Tech team who won the first prize.  We have another opportunity now; another idea (not a brilliant idea). This time let’s have a programming competition. It is open to everyone in Veda who believes they are a tis-maar-kha programmer.

So here’s how we begin…


  1. Conceptualize – Think what you want to develop. It can be a complete website, a small utility or tool or a framework class or a module that can be contributed to Drupal or Joomla.
  2. Decide architecture / Technology – Preferably open source technology, however if you develop something in MS, feel free to do so.
  3. Development – While developing something that is useful and unique, you cannot forget all the wonderful processes i.e. coding standards etc. If we find that you have copied Java Script or any part of the code from somewhere, your entry will be disqualified. Use of open source is allowed however more weight will be given to original implementation.
    1. You will have to design it yourself; please do not overload the design team with requests (At least not officially).
    2. Same goes for testing; whatever you develop test it yourself.
  4. Launch is on Veda demo server


  1. Once your program is ready, you will get 5 minutes to present it to everyone. People will of course review it and evaluate it themselves for however long they want.
  2. We will go through a code review process as well to give points on standards.
  3. Everyone will be allowed to use it, test it and vote
  4. Everyone in office can vote


  1. Like last time it will be based on participation.
  2. First prize:
    1. Number of participants * X. ( Value of X will be same as or little higher than last time.).
    2. Instant fame in Veda and bragging points.
    3. Will not have to attend team meetings and update LLP for 3 days (Subject to approval by LLP administrator, who is this LLP administrator anyway?)
  3. Second prize
    1. Two Tickets for PVR Gold class
  4. Third, Fourth, Fifth prize are pats on the back by Piyush (Back – The posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine).


  • Competition Begins: August 15th 2009
  • All Entries (code submitted on Demo server): September 15th 2009
  • Voting Begins: Sept 15thst
  • Prize announced: Sept 20th

While writing this post, this time I was telling my egotistic brain to refrain from self praise. You guys can decide how successful I was in my attempt.  I didn’t talk about this being my brilliant idea. I am not saying me and my friends are the only people capable of being judges. I am launching the competition on Independence Day and not my Birthday. Enough about me…

Happy coding guys!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009 | Author:

One can’t be apologetic for being successful but, Is Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire truly worth getting 8 Oscars?

Remember Parinda? A Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s mega hit movie. If you will go through the movie again you will find Slumdog’s Jamal, his brother Salim and his girlfriend Latika is the replica of Parinda’s Karan (Anil Kapoor), Kishen (Jakie Shroff) and Paro (Madhuri Dixit) respectively, who rose from Mumbai slums. Parinda was even Indian official entry for 1990 Academy Awards in the best foreign film category but didn’t win the Oscar.

I was besides myself with joy when I saw A.R.Rahman getting 2 Oscars for the same movie but that very time one thing struck my mind that is Jai Ho (Slumdog millionaire song) the best song he composed ever? It seemed to me that those block heads are really carrying coal to castle because there are many A. R. Rahman’s songs which are well worth of an Oscar.

In the movie Lagaan The English were grievously in charge of Indian’s life in ruin. But when twist of fate occurred, pride hath a fall and the restrained Indians took time by the forelock and succeeded with new fangled English men in their own National game Cricket, it was really a shameful event for them. Lagaan was nominated in parallel with Amelie, No Man’s Land, Son of the Bride and Elling. Yet, self praise is no recommendation but many of us found Lagaan much better than any of these movies or even Slumdog Millionaire but, in the view of Oscar’s jury Slumdog was worth getting 8 Oscars and Lagaan not even for one. It’s difficult to say whether it is their decision or obstinacy. Even after the Oscar ceremony Ashutosh Gawarikar said “Americans must learn to like our films”.

Yet Slumdog getting 8 Oscars had already created much ado about nothing but in my view this matter should not really be hushed up. We really need to make Oscar’s jury aware that we are seeing through their tricks and the decisions they are holding with is that, all they like to see is vehemently distraught Indians living in inferno, which Danny Boyle has perfectly caricaturized in Slumdog Millionaire.

Thursday, January 29th, 2009 | Author:

A blunder happened in recognizing and appreciating stalwarts and it happened by whom? No one knows.  Padma Shri is the fourth highest civilian award presented by the Government of India to recognize citizens in the field of Arts, education, Industry, Literature, science, sports and social life.

Frankly I have never kept a close watch on this year’s Padma Shri awards. what surprised me was the the list of people but from the news stories doing the rounds on the web, just came to know that a certain Hashmat Ullah Khan was never nominated for this prestigious award. He is a no one from the Arts except that he is a business person.

I have two questions here. Once, How did this goof up happened? Second, it should be the responsibility of the media to check back and ask questions on the veracity of such a thing. I leave the state and central government officers who recommended an award like this without even verifying credentials of people being honored for a while.

Not undermining Akshay Kumar, Helen and Aishwarya Rai contribution to Indian cinema but do they really deserve recognition of such stature? We just forgot that we performed well in the Olympics held last year and brought laurels in boxing and wrestling category. Don’t they deserve their pending dues?

Monday, January 12th, 2009 | Author:

There is more than one reason perhaps, why we should feel proud about Danny Boyle’s gritty and on-your-face portrayal of Bombay through his recently released film called ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. It has won four awards at the ‘Golden Globe’ ceremony held at LA. The film got recognized in all the four nominated divisions. Screenplay, original music score, direction and the best motion feature- Drama. Such is a hype that many believe that this film is going to give a tough competition at the Oscars.

The film is tribute to Mumbai, as the director says. It is a story of an Indian city which recently came under attack by gunmen last year. Location and setting, performers, the music composer, the story (based on Vikas Swarup’s Q & A) all have a common thread –India. Mumbai being home to the production of hindi films, it has always attracted attention by western filmmakers.

The film also perhaps has taken a clue of rise of the entertainment industry and the number of reality shows that is increasing by the day in India. Loosely based on dramatic events or non events for that matter in the main protagonist’s life post KBC is what it is. Kaun Banega Crorepati which is an original replica of popular British TV show Who wants to be a Millionaire?  The film also touches real estate mongers, red light business, gangster rivalry, songs and dance (archetype bollywood), action a masala film to cut it short. “Hard to believe an outsider can create such a clean film on us (Indians)” a colleague says.  The pirated versions of the film is out in the market and some of us have caught hold of it for sure, but I wish to watch it out in the big screen and enjoy desi Rahman. Keep up the good work and I would also like to give credits to Sukhwinder Singh and Irfan.