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Sunday, April 26th, 2009 | Author:

I heard several people bragging about the blue print they inherit helped them in becoming bards of power and how they liked to be enunciated as the great chip of the great block.

“What we accede to from our parents at parturition is a prototype which set us to a pre program course of instigation”, owing to this fact, we rather compare off springs to the parents though we all know every individual is unique.

The peculiar game of Gene is not only constricted to bringing our beauty and blight to the progeny but it is much more beyond anyone’s potential or imagination. Perhaps, the most powerful matter known ever.

Jurassic Park – a mega hit movie of Steven Spielberg was based on recreation possibilities of pre historic animals. In which the indispensable DNA of dinosaur was extracted from the amber of blood sucking creature, even in the movie “Sleeper”, Woody Allen had perfectly caricaturized Allan Wilson’s Endeavour experiment done over Quagga (Zebra like animal). In the movie a dead tyrant was cloned by his nose (the only part of his body remained).

Darwin Prockop (Molecular geneticist, Jefferson Medical College) had proposed to clone Abraham Lincoln from his blood stained shirt (preserved as national relic cell) and a hair strand with a follicle attached in it.

Although scientific reality is more thorny because a well preserved fossil probably contains rest than 9% of original DNA but, Gene therapy and Gene profiling can pull you through many disease and many problems with a great altitude of success, startlingly.

The Gene has a power to cast a spell; there will be no wonder if we see Albert Einstein in future.