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“Tea is a Cup of Life” – Unknown

Historically serving Tea has always been associated with get together, meetings, parties, house warming sessions and many other social events. Throughout the world people have been drinking tea in innumerous ways and methods, some of them having respective meanings and connotations.

That’s all right but why do I drink tea?

# I want my day to start with a cup of hot tea, why?? I do not know, maybe my body clock needs that beverage.

# I have a cup of tea in the middle of the day as well as night to re-energize my system.

# A cup of tea can be consumed among old and rekindle old memories associated with tea at the same time rekindle new friendship and association with new ones, I have done it

# Nothing beats a cup of tea, when you are traveling in the mountains and stop for a break, I do it.

# In a wintry evening, mid-monsoon or even the evening office snacks – tea and samosa (a stuffed pattie -an original Indian snack,) go pretty well.

A tea stall near Mana with an interesting name
A tea stall near Mana with an interesting name

Reference of tea has been clearly mentioned in Ramayana as Sanjeevani buti, however commercial consumption and distribution of tea expatiated after the British East India company. Going by the history, Tea perhaps was mentioned first in the Gilgamesh epic, during 3000 BC or something. Other important story dates back at around 2737 BC, in China. Shen Nung, the second emperor who also happened to be a creative scientist. Nung had a habit of boiling his drinking water. During this process some tea leaves accidentally fell in his tea pot. The rest is history. Today, tea is the most-popular beverage in the world. India and China are the biggest market for tea.

Photo source: Zastavki.com
Photo source: Zastavki.com

Below are some great tea facts (or tea trivia) to read through while enjoying a cup of tea.

• A cup of black tea has half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee.

• Drinking milk may mean stronger bones, but the same goes for a cup of tea!

• In a single day, an experienced tea picker collects around 70 pounds of tea, which is equivalent to create 14000 cups.

• There are four types of tea: white, green, oolong, and black. Interestingly these four types can turn into thousands of varieties depending on the influence of culture and usability.

• Tea plants come from a common plant, Camellia Sinensis.

• If left to grow unchecked this evergreen plant can reach a height of over 30 feet.

• Tea drinking can abate your appetite.

• It takes three to five years for a tea bush to grow and ready for harvesting.

• According to recent studies one cup of tea daily can fulfill over 15% of minimum daily requirement of calcium, 10% of folic acid and almost 45% of manganese.

• Used tea leaves also double their usability as manure and it improves garden soil considerably.

As I have expressed before, a cup of tea is not what it looks like in its physical form. It is my source of adda, my thoughts are laced in that one whole cup.  Well, if you still think what is so special about this drink, worse if you have never tried. Try a cuppa “T “and let me know what do you think after …..that.

Chay ya phir thanda????

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Friday, May 01st, 2009 | Author:

X: joote bade sexy hain tere… adidas hain?

Y: kahaan?… hum garib adiddas ki spelling bhi nahi jaante

X: MS Word use kiya karo
X: achcha toh phir kahaan se khareede yeh?

Y: i bot them from sreeleathers

X: ok

Y: par chappal ka mazaa to kuch aur hi hai

X: woh toh hai
X: gandhi ne chappal pehenkar azaadi dilaayi

Y: usne dhoti bhi pehni thi

X: aur advani ko bhi chappal padi

Y: yahan pe status ka mamla tha, advani chappal aur bush joota

X: status nahi culture…purab aur pashchim

Y: sahi ho bhaiyya

X: dekh agar sanskriti ke chakkar mein na pada hota
X: toh khaane ko kamse kam joota toh milta

Y: par chappal pata pat padti hai jabki joota dhaba dhab padta hai, to chappal hi jeeti yahan bhi

X: main election ladoonga

Y: aur chappal khaunga??

X: toh mera chunaav chinh hoga ‘chappal’

Y: aap toh advani ke padchinhon par chal rahein hain
Y: kaafi stock milega chappal ka janta se

X: but it is any day better than getting into bush’s shoes