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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 | Author:

A recent activity caught my attention, let me share. A certain Ajith D moved the Supreme court in a bid to express his views (hate) surrounding a particular right winged political party. His mode of expression? An extremely popular networking site called Orkut. This 20 year old computer student was jailed later bailed out because his own views can fan communal passions and unrest, the SC says.

What’s news? The court can even prosecute you for creating hate blogs, communities and content, that is abusive in nature. To an extent that a user can find himself charged with Libel. I have witnessed such hate sites and clubs everywhere and going by the SC judge statement, “you should know what you are writing,” of course one knows what he/she is writing. I feel, that this is the beginning that ‘blog democracy’ has already started creating an impact, however I support the court’s judgment to take responsibility what you write.
A dear colleague abstains from blogging for the same reason. “One should take responsibility of the content you produce or else don’t .”