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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 | Author:

As soulful Malayalam songs play on in the background, I’m inspired to write this piece. As a matter of fact, I’ve always been intrigued by the power of music to transform people, however transiently, to calm, soothe and uplift them; whenever, wherever. Great music can transport people into imaginary lands, evoke nostalgia, throw open floodgates of memory, and as the great musician Tansen would have done, lighted fires, brought the rain and cured diseases…

So, what makes the sound of music so magical? Why is great music inspiring every time you listen to them, no matter how often you do? Why does great music always grow on you, rather than you growing tired of it? Well, as I still am clueless about the answers, I thank the Almighty for the great gift of music and His blessed musicians. (Wish writings too had the instant connect and mass reach that music enjoys!).

Speaking of musicians, my long-time favorites are maestros A.R. Rahman, Illayaraja (of “Pa” fame) and the late Malayalam composer Ravindran. For me, their soul’s divinity is reflected in their music, which is an unmistakable connection with God. So, if someone were to ask me what divinity and complete bliss are, I’d, without a grain of doubt, answer: it is in the music that moves, in their golden renderings, in soulful poetry, in nature’s magnanimity and, eventually, in mothers’ care. So, as a parting note and a tribute, I pray to the Almighty to endow His gifted children with more talent, passion, love and humility, which fuel their sublime creativity and enable them to touch lives for ages to come.

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“Iss desh ko rakhna mere bachchon sambhaal ke.” You must have heard this song playing on radio or TV on August 15, October 2 or January 26. The patriotic song from the film Jagriti was sung by Mohd. Rafi. However, many people across the border hear this song playing on August 14.

A Rare Message to Pakistani Youth-1957

Somebody in Pakistan also sailed the same kashti to safety from the same toofaan. He also had kids, who were being appealed to. The only difference being that they were being told to rescue the mulq, not the desh. The lyrics and the music are exactly the same. While technically the Pakistani boat reached the shores before the Indian one, this composition is originally Indian. A Pakistani got, as Pritam would say, ‘inspired.’ It must be a time zone issue.

Wait a minute. Am I sounding like bashing a Pakistani? NO. I love the country and its people. With due respect to my national anthem, I declare that I enjoy the Pakistani national anthem more than Jana Gana Mana. However, I have no respect for people who project a stolen piece of work as their own – irrespective of their nationality.

By the way, there is another song “Sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamal”. That one became “Aye QaideAzam tera ahsaan hai ahsaan”. This was still creative, considering only the music was copied and Gandhi was replaced with Jinnah. The height of plagiarism, however, was in the video. In the Indian version, a handicapped student is singing the song. The disability of the Pakistani director is visible in his inability to think of something different.


Thursday, February 05th, 2009 | Author:

“Music fills the infinite between two souls” Rabindranath Tagore. True, music is devoid of any cultural or ethnical boundary, race or any conceived prejudices. Be it Indian or western the very idea of music has a hypnotic feel and it is a bond that is free of any biases. I saw a film called ‘Taalsome years back, in this film Anil Kapoor plays a musician and lifts up an original tune to re-mix it. Reference of a film can be a standalone example, but the fact remains that it’s happening everyday and all the time.

Rabindranath Tagore might have coined this phrase many years ago, Never he realized that internet, CD and DVD’s and importantly scrupulous people were out of existence forget piracy. Correct, I wish to open a discussion about figures, views and news with you from a platform like this. I don’t remember a person till date who having access to the net and has not downloaded songs from the internet. We at Vedainformatics deal with online activities at the same time; we give hundred percent credit to original creators. We have little idea how much financial damage is done financially to real owners of creators and legal music owners. Leading organizations have provided fat figures like the entire music industry looses about 12.5 Billion USD, 71,060 American jobs, $2.7 Billion worker earnings, $422 million in tax revenues, $291 Income tax personal and $131 corporate income and other taxes. FYI that these figures comes from the US alone. An Indian business person Mr. Kumar Taurani of Tips music will be heading the Indian Music (IMI) and the Phonographic Performance (PPL) for the financial year 2009- 2010.

The good news, online music business grew exponentially in the last fiscal year approximately at 25% pa crossing over news print, magazines and cinema industries combined. Music recording labels have licensing pacts with digital partners like mobile phone companies, legal Peer to peer services, video on demand, podcast, CD jukeboxes and ISP (internet service providers) as well.

In an editorial piece posted in a popular newspaper in India the editor mentions that recording industry worldwide is actively looking at alternative revenue stream to survive and flourish perhaps.

We are living in an era where the word ‘Free’ especially in digital commercial segment is an important problem area which needs attention. It is also true that a business model can be offered where users can download music ‘Free’. A nominal charge can be extracted by the ISP’s directly since they are responsible for file sharing and broadband speed etc. This suggestion is likely to succeed since it will be an instantly popular and spare a user from bearing the brunt from possible legal actions.

The International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) with 1400 record companies membership in 72 nations is also thinking on similar lines. John Kennedy, of the IFPI, says: “The recorded music industry is reinventing itself and its business models. Music companies have changed their whole approach to doing business, reshaped their operations and responded to the dramatic transformation in the way music is distributed and consumed.”

If you talk about cinema music (hindi) and Bollywood, music piracy can be a great source of publicity, especially if the music is good, it can be acted as a tremendous source of word of mouth publicity for the film producers as well. Why not film producers ask internet viewers to download songs from their sites directly?

Well, a debate persists that whether we will be able to fight street piracy, commonly called and convert illegal downloader into a legal model or not. Engaging ISP’s vigorously in protecting intellectual property rights and content creators and jobs respectively is an option open.

Let the music play. What do you say?

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008 | Author:

‘There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.’  – An American author, Erma Bombeck.

Dont worry about buying expensive material to make your card. Just check out what is available at hoome. You may have lots of cards lying around. You can make a collage out of them if you want. Or, you can cut out the pictures that look really appealing and paste it onto a blank greeting card or a colorful scrapbook paper.

Dont worry about creating a firm base to hold your card. You can use cardboard or come up with innovative props from home to display your card.  You can make a card from old wrapping paper, brown paper bag, old music sheet, or grey colored construction paper. Spice it up with glitter or crayon coloring. It’s not about what you create or about following a set of rules, its more about how you feel when you create something, how you think about it deeply and how much you feel a sense of  enjoyment doing this.

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