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You might think that what a stereotype topic to write about. This topic has been boasted about in lakhs of articles, thousands of books and hundreds of films. But revisiting this thought, I present before you some astonishing facts that will, possibly, change your perception towards India and the Indians.

It’s been more than 60 years of independence. From a frail colonial state of British Empire, characterized by brutality and monstrosity, to a nation profoundly acknowledged for booming economy and military strength, India has achieved great milestones. India’s accomplishments in the field of nuclear technology, telecommunication, space missions, IT do not need mentions. From among all the third world countries, India is the only one that scaled heights of development. We have upgraded ourselves from a poor nation to a developing nation and further to be a developed nation soon. However, apart from these developmental souvenirs, we have also witnessed some bloody heinous crimes. Communal riots, naxalism, political goofs and thousands of other disgraceful scandals, which blots our face black.

We often tend to hate ourselves for living in a society, characterized by a conflicting blend of traditional values and so called ‘modern spirit’. We abuse Indian politicians and government sector for making our lives hell. Just have a look at the newspaper early morning and you will be drowning in an ocean of fear. It’s all about crime, sex and gore. Well after experiencing all this possibly you may think that India can be the worst place to live on this earth. But let’s take an informational trip some of the African countries, to experience the quality of life there.

In presidential elections 2007-2008, Mawai Kibaki was declared winner. This led to the post-election violence in which around 800 people were killed and another 60,000 got displaced. Both the political parties which incited the violence are now sharing a coalition government, but the displaced people are living in forests without shelter.

Kenyan People Fleeing From Violence-Hit Towns in the Aftermath of 2008 Violence

Kenyan People Fleeing From Violence-Hit Towns in the Aftermath of 2008 Violence

Blood Diamonds:
The term ‘blood diamonds’ refers to diamond mines falling in conflict-ridden areas. Many African countries like DRC, Angola, Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire have extensive diamond mines. As we all know that diamond is the most priced possession in the world, this fact should have made these countries extremely rich. But, in contrast to this, natives of these countries are still slaves to power groups financed by rich western nations. Forget about diamond, people here are sans food and sans homes. The diamond zone of the world has the highest infant mortality rates and is considered as the most war-sensitive region in the world. While buying a diamond, we never think that these diamonds are results of thousands of hunger deaths every year.

A boy works in a diamond mine in Africa

A boy works in a diamond mine in Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC]:
On an estimate 45,000 people die in ongoing DRC every month. Just think about this figure and you can calculate the life expectancy of this central African nation. The ongoing war between rebels and the government is fueled by ownership of DRC mines, treasures of natural resources. US and UN forces are condemned to plunder the natural wealth of this vast country. To their plight, almost 40 percent of the nationals are bound to live in refugees camps in neighboring countries. And to add to their sufferings, these refugee camps are denounced by largest number of rapes against women and minors. Major news channels have reported that even UN forces were involved in mass raping. Although Indian forces are also a part of the UN peacekeeping forces in DRC, but I just wish they are not a part of these crimes.

DRC Refugee Camp

DRC Refugee Camp

A Lady Fleeing from a destructed DRC village

A Lady Fleeing from a destructed DRC village

Rwanda Genocide:
Now I present to you the most heinous crime mankind had ever witnessed. The term ‘genocide’ means mass killings of a community. In 1994, minority tribal group, allegedly powered by France, committed genocide killings a massive 1.2 million people of majority group. I am surprised on what motivated these people to kill an entire generation. I believe mankind must feel ashamed on this act, surpassing animal behavior. Well the dead bodies of victims are preserved in special museums governed by UN. Broken skulls, burnt bodies and tones of bones stand witness to the horrifying past of this nation. We may thank God for the very fact that regional riots in India were far more lass than genocide.

A child during war crimes in Rwanda

A child during war crimes in Rwanda

Ruined city in Rwanda during Genocide

Ruined city in Rwanda during Genocide

Rwanda refugee camp in Zaire

Rwanda refugee camp in Zaire

Well pictures say a thousand words but I believe even these sorrowful pictures can depict the plight of these people in entirety. Now the question arises why I am posting this on a company blog. That’s because Indian media never cover such disastrous events. It is essential that we learn from the mistakes others have committed pledge not to repeat the same. These horror stories tell us a gruesome fact of life. We all cry for our small problems and there are people who are struggling for their lives everyday. All is not good in India, but since we are living a life much better than many others in the world: I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.

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480BC in the narrow Thermopylae pass in the northern Greece 7 thousand of Greek soldiers waits to face the largest force ever assembled, over 300,000 soldiers of the Persian Empire. Greeks were led by the 300 deadliest fighters The Spartans, their job was to hold that pass or die trying. In the Thermopylae pass, few stood against many for freedom and made their last stand.

Xerxes led the largest fighting force ever assembled, some of the historians still believe that their number was over 3 million. The Persian Empire was very big its border extends from the Indus River in India to Nile River in the Egypt. Xerxes invested lot of money and 5 years to assemble that army, built ships and buy food for invading Greece, his intention was to burn the Greek city Athens to punish them for supporting a rebellion against Persia 25 years ago. Xerxes sends a man to find out what lies in the way. The man discovers 7000 Greek soldiers blocking the east of the pass. The Persians out numbred the Greeks nearly 50 to one. In a strategic move the Greeks have chosen the Thermopylae pass as the battle place which is a narrow pass of around 200 yards in width. Leading the Greek army is the great Spartan king Leonidas one of the 2 kings of Sparta who was chosen to lead the army by all the Greek city states to go and hold the Thermopylae pass.

Xerxes waited for around 4 days to attacks and finally attacks on fifth day. About 150 yards away from the Greek army, thousands of Persian archers launch a barrage of arrows. Leonidas and Spartans waited all their life for this moment as they were born for battle.

Around 530BC 50 years before the battle of Thermopylae Spartan king Leonidas was born and inspected by a Spartan elder. Sparta at that time was a hard core warrior society. After birth every child was examined and was decided if he is fit to live in the society, if the baby has any imperfection, they didnt allow him to live. At the age of 7 every male child including leonidas is sent to the army camps for training. Leonidas was a strong baby and was spared by the Elders to live and was sent for the army training where young Leonidas will live, train and learn to kill or be killed, for the next 12 years. At the age of 18 his education completed and he enters the Spartan army.

This is the time for every Spartan mother to feel proud of, while handling his son the shield she would tell them in Greek Come with the shield or on it.

581BC one year before the battle of Thermopylae a Greek spy discovers that the Persian king Xerxes has assembled his army to invade Greece. The Xerxes plan was to burn the Greek city state Athens to the ground. When the Athenians discovered the intention of the Xerxes they quickly realized that they are going to need help. Despite their poor relations the Athenians reach their one of the major regional rival Spartans for help. Before deciding whether to help the Athenians the Spartans consult the Oracle (one of the most sacred Greek shrines). According to them the death & sacrifice of Leonidas will save the Sparta and Leonidas agreed to help the Athenians to battle the Persians as he believed that he is the descendant of Heracles and Gods have chosen him to save Sparta. The counsel of Sparta isn’t convinced and allows Leonidas to take a minimal force of 300(all with father and son) chosen by him.

Before the battle of Thermopylae, Xerxes sent a messenger to negotiate with the king Leonidas.
Don’t be stupid Spartans, lay down your weapons or prepare to die, you are facing the largest and the strongest army ever assembled, our arrows will blot out the sun.
One of the Spartan: Then we shall have our battle in the shade.

The Spartans used their shields to avoid the barrage of Persian arrows.

Stuck in the narrow pass the Persians could not break the human walls(phalanx) of the Spartans and were slaughtered.

Sooner the Persians began to realize that it was not the best of the idea to launch themselves on the Spartans waves after waves.

End of the day the Spartans killed many and lost few which gave them a hope of Victory, on the other side Persians were trying to find a way to surround the Greeks land force from behind.
Next morning Spartans and the Athenians took their respective positions prepared for the second Persian attack. In the noon Xerxes decided to march 10,000 of his best fighters (also known as the immortals) to the front.

Xerxes believed that the immortals will end the action, but the Spartan phalanx were so rock steady that even the immortals were not able to break it and were killed. One of the main reasons of failure of the immortals was that they had never faced such a highly skilled, trained and tactically flexible fighters like Spartans.

After 2 days the Persian body count was enormous.

After the second day of battle a Greek traitor named Ephialtis revealed the goat path to Xerxes in order to get rich quickly. Seeing that he can’t penetrate the Greek defense, he decided to use the path and ordered 10,000 of his soldiers to march and climb up the hill in the dark to surround the Greeks from behind. But this path was not unknown to Leonidas. Before the first day of the attack Leonidas had stationed 1000 people(Phoceans) in the pass. But when the Persian approached the Phocean land, the defending force was missing. Now the Persians have a unhindered path. By this time the Leonidas was doomed from above and behind. In the mid of the night Leonidas knew that the Phoceans have deserted the path.

Knowing that he has been out flanked, he decided to order his army to retreat, leaving only around 300 Spartans.

By the dawn all of the Greek troop retreated except Spartans and around 700 soldiers from Greek city state of Thespia as they decided to fight with the Spartans to the death(very few know about this). Now Leonidas and his 1000 men were surrounded by the 10s of thousands of Persians. Cleaned and prepared for the battle the Spartan took the field for the one last time. Third day fight began and the Spartans & Thespians fought like mad, they had nothing to lose as they were destined to death. After some time all the Spears & Swords of the Greeks were broken and they were fighting with whatever they could.

Somewhere in between the fight Leonidas was struck with the Persian arrow fire and fell on the third day.

There was a great battle over the body of the Leonidas, finally the Greeks recovered the body. At last the Persians called their archers for the one last time.

The last stand of the few hundred men will always be remembered.

Ē tan ē epi tas

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900 gone and still counting are official figures and media people are not allowed inside the Gaza strip. They have twisted rules of war where women, children, religious, medical and educational institutions should be spared. “Rules” are meant for convenience and this war has proved that. The amount of civilian and child casualty this 2 week of war has seen is enormous. More than 250 children have been killed and same numbers comprising of women.

It is amusing to me. They should halt violence as early as possible and try to stabilize the region. We have had enough. Israel has unleashed a flurry of future weapons on its poor neighbour left, right and centre. The pictures released by the IDF and independent photographs leaves heavy doze incentives and applaud to private Israeli as well as government weapon manufacturers. Although the Israeli army insists that they are using weapons prescribed by the UN at the same time refused to name the kind of lethal toxics used to neutralize petty militants. For example the IDF is using artillery fired white phosphorus used as smoke screen and should not be used in civilian area. My question is ‘are they fighting a superpower”? To make matters worse comes a comment from Major General Yoav Galant, the head of the army’s southern command, that the assault is a “once in a generation” opportunity to strike and “If we don’t do that we’ll be missing an historic opportunity” he was quoted as saying in the Israel based Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.