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Looking at the enormous response to the Veranda Blog, a brilliant idea occurred to me. (All my ideas are brilliant ideas until proven otherwise!). It was almost like a Eureka moment! Just that I was not in a bath tub and I didn’t shout Eureka! Eureka!

What is the IDEA?
The idea is to have a blogging contest for everyone in the content team and anyone who wants to participate from the Tech team, SEO team and other supposedly useful people in the organization like PMs, Management team, etc… In short, anyone can participate.

What will you write about?
You can write about anything that you are passionate about, but you will have to get the topic approved by the judges. This is to ensure two things 1) there is no repetition of topic 2) We have an even enough criterion to judge. You might argue that it is almost like what Henry Ford once said – “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black. “ Well, there cannot be any argument about this because.. I am the one who gets to set the rules because I am the one who had the brilliant Idea.

Topic can be in following areas( These are just suggestions.):

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Content writing –Passion or ART or Job
  3. Tips for writing tips etc
  4. Content management systems Drupal Vs Joomla etc

Other rules –

  1. All the blogs that you write will be published on Veda Blog
  2. Judges will look at a) How interesting your topic is b) How comprehensively you have covered the topic c) Of course, grammar and other content writing principals will be looked at d) Copy pasting will immediately disqualify your blog entry. We will check it through copyscape. e) You blog post is interesting enough that we read it completely etc. f) Size DOES matter!
  3. Judging criterion will also have your say in it i.e. everyone will be allowed to select their three blog posts (other than their own). Posts that get maximum votes as number 1 etc will be preferred by judges.
  4. Last date for topic submission is Jan 21. Last date for Blog post submission will be announced on Jan 21st.
  5. Judges are
  • Harish ( Man with the brilliant idea gets to be the judge)
  • Vikrant ( Friend of man with the brilliant idea/ He also has a choice of participating instead of judging)
  • Piyush ( Man with the brilliant idea has many friends and he keeps all his friends happy, besides I know Piyush will never write a Blog post by the last date)

6.)    Prizes are

  • Winners will be instantly famous
  • 100% salary hike promised (read the fine print if you can find it..)
  • Beyond this
    • First prize – Will be announced on Jan 21 – 2009
    • Second prize – Will be announced on Jan 21- 2009
    • Third prize – 2 Gold class tickets at PVR for movie of your choice (Gold class is only available at Select Citiwalk – Saket and Ambiance mall Gurgaon)

I could have announced this contest in fewer words but the idea of the contest is about creative writing, and I wanted to increase the word count also I didn’t want to sound boring. I am open to other ideas etc. You can comment on this post with any ideas that you have.

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30 Responses

  1. 1

    Well Harish, if you would not have been the judge, i would have suggested to give this post as an entry for the contest…

    wondering why?

    definitely interestin
    i read the whole of it (lik i had a choice)
    the brilliant man (who is also the judge) deserves appreciation for coming up with the idea…

    jus one thing…

    there is a spelling error…it is ‘prizes’, not prices


    will b definitely coming up with suggestions later.

  2. 2

    This is the most interesting post that i have read on Veda.Harish Sir,you should think about participating rather than judging.You will definitely be a strong contender.
    I am also sure that Piyush Sir will never write a Blog post by the last date.Because he will never remember the last date. 🙂

  3. 3

    What’s the price of the first prize?

  4. @Ankit – Spelling error corrected. Thanks for pointing out..

    @Palash – Price for the Prize will be dependent on how many people participate. I am thinking about some equation i.e. Number of people * RS X will be the total prize money. Value of X is something that will be closed within few days.

    Let me know if you all have any other thoughts..

  5. 5

    Definitely the best idea and you definitely deserve an applause for coming up with this!!
    After the spelling correction, i definitely think you must also participate in the contest. Who knows when talent and luck both come together 🙂
    Just a small question …. which language style will be most preferred by our honorable judges 😉 You see, as a practice, this is the next question that comes to our mind and i could not resist asking clarification on this..

  6. 6
    Piyush Nigam 

    I should check this blog more often (I really like to be in places where they make fun of me openly!). Here are some thoughts on the concept:

    1) Harish – I agree with you that your idea is brilliant. Did you get it from a Dilbert cartoon? 🙂
    2) Let us not have three judges on this and let every one participate and let every one judge. Every one gets to vote 1,2 and 3 on every blog entry. 1 gets the blogger 10 points, 2 gets her 5 points and 3 gets her 2 points. The blog with the maximum points wins.
    3) Let there be only one prize. If the idea is to give away three prizes we can have two more competitions later. One prize will be a bigger prize and more exciting to go for.
    4) Let me propose Rs 200 as the value for X above. So if we get 50 people to participate then the prize money becomes 50 x 200 = Rs 10,000.
    5) With that sum in place i must say i am inspired to spend some time this weekend writing an entry – let us see whether Harry and Ritu are proved wrong in the process! Here is the topic that i will cover – “Upturning the Downturn”
    6) Now that everyone is a judge – I would propose leaving the grammar out of the points to judge by. Harish can still be the facilitator of the contest and will approve topics to ensure that no two people are covering the same topic.

    Off course all the above are just suggestions and we can discuss them and choose the ones that make sense.

    Let the writing begin!

  7. 7

    YAY Piyush, way to go!!! That’s the spirit that has brought Veda to a place where it is now 🙂 So, now all of us know how to prompt you to do something … 😉

    On a more serious note – since Piyush has already inaugurated the topic submission process, let me follow suit. I would like to write on “Effectiveness of Internet marketing in India”. And yes, please excuse the intricate details of the grammar in the competition.

  8. 8

    One more thought. Maybe Harish can compile the new list of rules and prizes and publish them, following the changes suggested by Piyush. This would definitely clear of any confusion that one may have on either of the two.

  9. 9

    Harish – what a brilliant idea, even Shalini is glued to this blog for the first time and so i think its worth shouting Eureka!

    Piyush – its great we get to read you too!

    Shalini – way to go…..!

    Palash – you raised the most relevant question – prize money, of course!

    Ankit – wow, you are a sure Spelling Bee.

    On a less serious note, could we also include categories in the contest like Leadership, 2009 Global Trends (could be any sector: IT, hospitality, publishing, technology, holistic healing, human resources)

  10. 10

    Since a long time I have been noticing that Harish’s seat is either next to me or somewhere near me, and also we have wi-fi network in the office… in short “Brilliant ideas always comes from different directions”.

    If copy paste is not allowed, we techies will definitely find a different way of writing a blog.

    Very interesting idea and an interesting blog too Harish, Kudos.

  11. 11

    it cant get more exciting…

    with all the baba log joining the race, theres just more energy in me

    VEranDA has never been more fun…

    thanking Harish and Piyush again…

  12. @Shalini – IN terms of the style it just needs to be interesting

    @all – I agree with Piyush’s suggestion 2 and 4. What do you all think? Another suggestion that someone made is that you can submit multiple posts. I think this is a good suggestion.

    @Swapna – Topics that are listed are only suggestions. Feel free to select any topic.

  13. 13

    One question: Are we throwing it open to Hindi entries also?

  14. @Ankit – No, Blogs should only be in English.

  15. 15

    What a wonderful idea! I wish luck to all the contestants-I have had some online connection problems here and there recently but I will definitely be coming by when I can-best to all of you!

  16. 16

    My other entry would be on “Prospects of Indian Stock Market in 2009”

  17. 17

    Are we considering the Popular and the Better as 2 winning categories?

  18. 18

    Just a thought to make it more fair:
    1.) I think author name shall not be published till the voting ends, personal relationship might effect the voting(Like, one can give more points to his/her friend).
    2.) Decision shall not be fully dependent on the voting. Let the panel decide the winner from the top 5 or top 3 blogs after voting ends.

  19. 19

    I second Vikram suggestions, the panel can constitute of just two members. So that more people would be able to participate.

  20. 20

    Or lets declare 5 potential panel members now and whoever is left out of the race of top 3 among the 5 becomes the panel. By this everyone gets the chance to participate. What say?

  21. I would suggest to all the writers, that they should choose the topics and write the posts, keeping in mind that their posts might be read by the international audience and not only the people within the organization. 🙂


  22. 22

    @ kuntal: i completely understand your concern…but i think we created VEranDA to express what we feel. Our readers should not (and i am sure, will not) become a force that will contract our thoughts.

    They will definitely appreciate what we will speak up because somewhere, even if some issues are specific to a particular setup, they have a universal relevance.

  23. Hey Ankit, did I mention VEranDA there in my previous comment?? 😛

    I totally agree with you, VEranDA is solely to express what we like and Infact till now the comments, even from the outside readers, have been encouraging. So there is no such issue to be concerned regarding that and that was just a suggestion. 😉

  24. 24

    @ kuntal again: I kno brother…even i was jus givin my opinion…all that all of us want is best form of expression with max freedom

  25. 25

    Ladies ladies, I have a suggestion if you don’t mind… well then again even if you do.. am just going to go ahead and give it. I think expression of thoughts in any form is only great when it has its restrictions. The excitement that creeps into us when we play with those words to fall into the ‘politically correct’ bracket is beyond doubt the best thing about expression. Thoughts??

  26. 26

    @ Reynold: Well yes…it may excite some..Not me…

  27. 27

    Guys, I have to say 2 things
    1. The price of the prize is yet to be decided, since individual number of players are not crossing 50, so the inaam dus hazaar is not happening as planned. Right?

    2. Till now we have seen good enough topics that fits all (local and international flavour).

    Let’s start now!

  28. I have created a Google site that we will all use to submit our blog posts.

    Don’t wait for the last date to submit your blog posts.

    Happy Blogging!!

  29. Good work! Thank you!
    I always wanted to write in my blog something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Sincerely, Reader

  30. 30

    Hi. Your site displays incorrectly in Explorer, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words.

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