About VEranDA

Veda Informatics
is a team of very creative people. VEranDA is that place on the web where people at Veda speak their minds on what they feel. The blog came up as a result of an inner urge expressed by the team. The idea was to have a platform, where people at Veda could talk about things beyond what they did at work. In a few days, the blog was designed and everybody started uploading their thoughts on it. And, VEranDA just became an exciting place to be at.

So what exactly do they do here? They agree, they debate, they like, they hate, they notice, they share, they ignore, they care. They write about anything and everything, crossing the boundaries of time and space. Be it a bestselling novel or a silent vowel, experiences strange or need for change, leaders of tomorrow, happiness and sorrow, victories at the Lord’s and origin of Gods – we publish just about anything under the Sun and above it. They can be thoughts that just clicked our minds or things said by others that we started believing in.

Considering that we leave our views open-ended with a scope for growth through ever increasing comments, the blog represents one of the most valuable values of the organization – ‘openness’.

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