.Startup Content Marketing: Let’s Get Started

Congratulations. You’ve started a new venture and dream of taking the industry by storm. But hang on. You still need to get the word out there and be heard, among thousands of companies that have been marketing themselves for years. We have helped new entrepreneurs and startups reach out and engage with their audience.

Content Marketing is the Best Choice for Startups

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and drives 3x as many leads.

You’ve got budget constraints. We get that. And, that’s exactly why you need content marketing. It’s probably the most cost effective, yet powerful way of reaching out to and engaging with potential customers. Content marketing can be highly targeted to the most relevant target audience. And, it has the power to drive conversions.


Need to Convince Customers?.

Our team comprises of content marketing consultants, writers, editors, graphic designers and animators, who work closely with clients to across niche domains. We’re great at showcasing your company’s strengths and offerings. The content we create follows these 3Cs – Clear, Concise, Compelling.

Content Marketing for Startups is Unique

  • Choose the platforms you wish to target
  • Create a scalable content marketing strategy
  • Lay a strong foundation on the chosen platforms
  • Create compelling content for a niche audience
  • Track the progress of each content piece
  • Repurpose and reuse successful pieces of content

Pitching to an Investor?.

We’ve got you covered. You may be super passionate about your offering and business model. But, how do you get investors to be equally excited about your proposition? Be sure that investors will research you online maybe even before granting you a meeting.

Perfect Your Pitch

We invest hours to research your target audience, understand your revenue model, study industry data and know your team. And, we weave all this into an engaging story.

We keep your vision, voice and visuals consistent, when we create the following:

  • Web copy that clearly explains your business
  • Tell your story and showcase the core team
  • Work on the core team’s social profiles
  • Create a killer pitch deck
  • Ensure your business plan is compelling

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