1104, 2022

Will the End of the Russia-Ukraine War Bring Oil Prices Below $100?

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rattled the global oil market. The conflict sent already inflated oil prices in the post-pandemic world to a 14-year high. On March 08, 2022, WTI crude oil soared to $123.7/bbl, while Brent crude reached a

1108, 2021

Here’s Why You Need to Forget About Your Current Content Marketing Strategies

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Millennials receive the lion’s share of marketing strategies. Most marketers have spent years strategizing for millennials – their ideals, buying habits and desires. Every marketing message today is geared to all this.  But let's not ignore that Generation Z is

3007, 2021

Things F.R.I.E.N.D.S Taught Us About Content Marketing

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There isn’t a situation in life that can’t be responded to with a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. quote. Feeling overdressed? Could you BE wearing any more clothes? Disagree with someone? It’s a Moo point. What about keeping secrets? They don’t know that we

1907, 2021

How to Get Your Business Blog Just Right

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Wondering whether blogging is still relevant for your business in 2021 and beyond? Some simple numbers could answer that. B2B companies that published 11+ blogs per month generated 3X more traffic than firms blogging less than twice a month, says

707, 2021

Neo Banks: The Biggest Challenge to Traditional Banking?

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A term that was first used in 2017, neo banks or challenger banks, as they are called in the UK, are living up to their name. These fintech-based banks are giving the traditional banking system quite a run for their

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