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Monday, June 01st, 2009 | Author:

Okay, so this is an effort at writing a limerick (in case you cant recognize it as one after reading it). It has been inspired by Microsoft’s “bing.com” (how it is any better than Google is beyond me).

Bing is going over my head

And Google has been my butter ‘n bread

The only way to make me unhitch

And get me to make this taxing switch

Is if they’d call it “Bong” instead.

All I’d like to say in my defense is that I have very little time… given a little more, I would be a poet genius (no no not gene-ass).

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 | Author:

It is high time that politicians in India should take an unconventional path of reaching out. The INTERNET.  While the top ones seems to be aware of the potential. They cannot afford to do it now and lag behind the race, lots of bucks at stake + an un tapped potential for reaching out.

FYI Barrack H Obama raised over half a billion dollars for his election campaign over twenty one months and managed a lavish opening ceremony, after becoming the president of US.

While the right winged BJP seem to be catching on- to understand- the reach. Majority of the political parties in India appear to be lost. LK Advani’s website is powered by Blogs possibly taking a cue from the American style of web campaign.

Any why not, there is a catch here. According to reports, there are merely 55,000 active bloggers in India and users are growing. The parties should find themselves in the webspace more from now onwards. I also understand limitations like internet accessibility, user friendly environment, literacy and foremost funding. At the saem time we all know how much amount of money goes into the campaign (the difference as well. What is allotted by the election commission and the amount that is spent). Thousands of IT and non IT professionals can derive direct/indirect employment with this exercise. I am not at all counting the reach and public relation activity which will follow. Digitalizing a political party will ensure transparency (to a great extent), that connect with the decision makers and one step close to what I see digital India as. With the assembly elections inching in, there is still a lot to do and LOT of education.

Monday, February 16th, 2009 | Author:

Wherever I go and hear people talking about India Inc, the first thing I hear is “INDIA is the biggest growth market, next only to CHINA.” I do feel proud, as rest of my compatriots …. But, then I ask, why next to China? Why not the leading growth market? I believe that India has enough potential to overtake China in its pursuit for growth. Well, at least one person tends to agree with me on that respect. And, that person is none other than the CEO of the Google Inc, Eric Schmidt!!! In a statement made in 2006 (I know it seems slightly outdated, but India’s prospects haven’t changed in these years, have they?), he had emphasized that it is India and not China that is set to become the world’s biggest Internet market over the next five to ten years!!

INDIA – Where is the growth on the Internet?
I know you will be asking yourself (or me), if the above statement is true then – WHERE is the growth? India seems to be a rising star for the Internet but where is the presence of Indian companies on the net? When I go and search on the Google search engine, hardly do I see ads of Indian companies being displayed on the Google search page. Neither have I seen Indian companies utilizing one crucial tool offered by the web – Internet Marketing!! What to say of others, even the top Indian companies (the so called big wigs) are ignoring this powerful tool that can significantly enhance the visibility of these top-notch firms on the web. This is particularly disturbing given the fact that India has its share of high-quality Internet Marketing providers. And, these providers are increasingly being used by companies from world over to improve their net presence and customer awareness….

Popularity of Internet Marketing – The STATS
In fact, Internet Marketing is gaining strength over the other marketing media the world over. See the facts!! The Nielsen Monitor-Plus survey for 2007 (the year when cash crunch hit the US by force!!) has indicated that while the advertising spending in the country grew by just 0.6%, Internet ad spending rose by 18.9%. Don’t think I am US-centric. The rise in Internet marketing is not just limited to the US but is a phenomenon that is being seen in Europe and the UK. In fact, analysts in the UK are predicting that Internet will overtake television as the biggest advertising medium in 2009. Amazing, isn’t it? Or, is it “YAWN!! O come on Shalini, we have had enough of the stats! Can we now come to the punch line?”

Attitude of Indian Companies on Internet Marketing
Ok, so here I do. Let me get back to where I started. Where is India on the Internet Marketing scene? Except for being a country housing some of the most remarkable Internet Marketing providers, it is nowhere close to using this entire exciting marketing concept. When it comes to corporate biggies, they are spending millions on television, radio and even newspaper marketing, but when it comes to Internet Marketing, all they come up with is “This concept is interesting. We can use it later maybe but now, in this cash crunched market, we are not sure whether this we are ready for this!!” The difference in the marketing attitude of the cash-crunched West and the on-the-growth-radar India is palpable. And, so is the visibility and brand identity of Indian companies, which beyond doubt produce better products and services than their Western counterparts, but fall far behind in popularity and demand!! Need I say more on where India stands on the Internet and what it is missing?

I will be back with what Internet Marketing can do to our Indian companies, irrespective of their size, in my next blog!! Till then, cio.

Thursday, February 05th, 2009 | Author:

“Music fills the infinite between two souls” Rabindranath Tagore. True, music is devoid of any cultural or ethnical boundary, race or any conceived prejudices. Be it Indian or western the very idea of music has a hypnotic feel and it is a bond that is free of any biases. I saw a film called ‘Taalsome years back, in this film Anil Kapoor plays a musician and lifts up an original tune to re-mix it. Reference of a film can be a standalone example, but the fact remains that it’s happening everyday and all the time.

Rabindranath Tagore might have coined this phrase many years ago, Never he realized that internet, CD and DVD’s and importantly scrupulous people were out of existence forget piracy. Correct, I wish to open a discussion about figures, views and news with you from a platform like this. I don’t remember a person till date who having access to the net and has not downloaded songs from the internet. We at Vedainformatics deal with online activities at the same time; we give hundred percent credit to original creators. We have little idea how much financial damage is done financially to real owners of creators and legal music owners. Leading organizations have provided fat figures like the entire music industry looses about 12.5 Billion USD, 71,060 American jobs, $2.7 Billion worker earnings, $422 million in tax revenues, $291 Income tax personal and $131 corporate income and other taxes. FYI that these figures comes from the US alone. An Indian business person Mr. Kumar Taurani of Tips music will be heading the Indian Music (IMI) and the Phonographic Performance (PPL) for the financial year 2009- 2010.

The good news, online music business grew exponentially in the last fiscal year approximately at 25% pa crossing over news print, magazines and cinema industries combined. Music recording labels have licensing pacts with digital partners like mobile phone companies, legal Peer to peer services, video on demand, podcast, CD jukeboxes and ISP (internet service providers) as well.

In an editorial piece posted in a popular newspaper in India the editor mentions that recording industry worldwide is actively looking at alternative revenue stream to survive and flourish perhaps.

We are living in an era where the word ‘Free’ especially in digital commercial segment is an important problem area which needs attention. It is also true that a business model can be offered where users can download music ‘Free’. A nominal charge can be extracted by the ISP’s directly since they are responsible for file sharing and broadband speed etc. This suggestion is likely to succeed since it will be an instantly popular and spare a user from bearing the brunt from possible legal actions.

The International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) with 1400 record companies membership in 72 nations is also thinking on similar lines. John Kennedy, of the IFPI, says: “The recorded music industry is reinventing itself and its business models. Music companies have changed their whole approach to doing business, reshaped their operations and responded to the dramatic transformation in the way music is distributed and consumed.”

If you talk about cinema music (hindi) and Bollywood, music piracy can be a great source of publicity, especially if the music is good, it can be acted as a tremendous source of word of mouth publicity for the film producers as well. Why not film producers ask internet viewers to download songs from their sites directly?

Well, a debate persists that whether we will be able to fight street piracy, commonly called and convert illegal downloader into a legal model or not. Engaging ISP’s vigorously in protecting intellectual property rights and content creators and jobs respectively is an option open.

Let the music play. What do you say?

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