People who were keen to know about fashion trends always picked up the latest glossy to know about the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry. However, social media has changed this totally. When we talk about social media, the general reference is to websites or online platforms that enable the fashion industry to connect with their customers using the latest social networking technology.

Social Media and Fashion Industry

Through social media, it becomes possible for a fashion designer or a fashion company to generate publicity across online communities and websites. Social media makes it possible for fashion designers and fashion boutiques to generate interest about a brand. It finds ways in which a brand can be promoted more effectively to customers at a global level, that too with minimal cost.  

Social Media and Mirror Neuron
Recent research on social media indicates that there may be biological mechanisms that influence individuals who are active in the world of social media. This brain-to-brain link where one person’s opinion, movement or behavior influenced the brain cells of others through interpersonal orchestration is known as mirror neurons. This concept is rapidly catching ahead in the use of social media.

In the context of fashion, here is an apt example to explain how mirror neurons work. Suppose Cindy Crawford wears a branded watch and you are watching the self-satisfied expression closely, you’ll feel as though you are wearing it yourself. Researchers pinpoint this experience as pertaining to mirror neurons, which trigger a biological response that helps to drive online brand building.

Thus, it is clear that marketing fashion will enter a new phase of communication. It will work mainly through sub conscious online communication. Again, research indicates that nearly 85% of the things we do every day originates from the sub conscious mind. This sub conscious mind plays a critical role in imitating what is found via social media. No wonder, it is likened to a dark room for online marketers.

In the fashion world, the use of social media is not merely a marketing strategy but it focuses on studying and anticipating fashion behaviors. It also focuses on understanding these hidden factors that help to expand social networks.

Basic Steps for Social Media Marketing in Fashion Industry

The first step is to develop a thorough social media marketing and optimization plan. Ideally, this plan should be a part of the designer’s overall marketing plan.

The second step is to create a fashion blog which reflects your objectives and sets out to do what you hope to achieve online as the benchmark of your designer label.

The third step is to choose the platform or website where you wish to position your brand and its target audience. Preference should be given to online platforms that relate specifically to fashion and designer labels. Some research might come in handy to understand how to use this chosen social media forum can be used in the best possible way. The more social, open and proactive you are on social media, the better it is for the brand or label that you represent.

Case Study

Take the example of Russian born fashion designer, Ziv, who has gained considerable global popularity through her blog MyItThings. Besides covering fashion trends in the US, this blog has positioned Ziv strongly in the fashion world.

Ziv’s latest initiative is known as Style Coalition, where bloggers and social media sites come together. Experts in the fashion industry believe that Style Coalition will transform how the fashion industry and advertisers would respond to America’s rapidly growing community of fashion bloggers.

More interestingly, Ziv’s out-of-the box plans are well aligned with her interpersonal approach to her readers. She invites them to send in their own photos, comments and articles. They can also share their shopping lists and design.

The endless opportunities in developing similar ‘virtual fashion design houses’ imply stronger online campaigns to consolidate fashion branding and marketing. Using social media to add a personal touch will go a long way not just to build a designer brand but to combine the best designers and prospective customers to determine what the next fashion trend will be.