Veda Informatics is the second Best Social Media Optimization Company in India – Jan 2010 Ranking

NOIDA, India, January 2, 2010: Recognizing Veda Informatics Pvt. Ltd. as one of the best Social Media Optimization (SMO) companies in India, TOPSEOs has ranked Veda No. 2 in its list of the Top 30 Indian SMO companies. In 2009, Veda Informatics was in the fifth position in the TopSEOs monthly ranking. With the onset of 2010, Veda has made a big leap towards becoming the leading SMO services provider in the nation.

Established in 2001 under the name of Pinig Systems, Veda Informatics is an internet marketing company that provides consultancy, technology and content related services. With over 50 highly accomplished and experienced writers and developers, Veda focuses completely on quality work and the success of its clients. This search engine optimization company has established a reputation of successfully partnering with long-terms clients from all across the globe. Veda Informatics has offices in countries including India, Germany and New Jersey.

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A fast-growing, internet visibility optimization firm, Veda Informatics has been working with clients from the US and Europe for over six years. The SMO services of the firm include creating communities for clients by using blogs, forums, social media sites and vital promotion material. Veda’s work scope also involves managing the communities in order to increase their visibility, the main emphasis being on consistent quality work and maintaining good client relations.

With the purpose of enabling firms to decide on vendor services that would meet their requirements, TopSEOs sends out questionnaires to selected clients. The questionnaire consists of general and project-specific queries. The survey results are based on the responses TOPSEOs receives on important factors including timeliness, consultation, methodology and reach. The SMO companies are accorded their ranks after an in-depth assessment of the way they operate and the methods they adopt to achieve their objectives.

TOPSEOs‘ reviews approximately 3,000 internet marketing firms from over 130 countries. It is an autonomous authority that rates SMO companies on their web marketing products and services, including pay-per-click management tools and SEO. Since 2009, none of the other SMO firms on TOPSEOs‘ list have shown any positive changes except for Veda Informatics.

Below are the last 3 months ranking for Veda Informatics as mentioned at :

Rankings (awarded in last 3 months)

  • #2 – Best Social Media Optimization Company (India), January 2010.
  • #5 – Best Social Media Optimization Company (India), December 2009.
  • #5 – Best Social Media Optimization Company (India), November 2009.

Veda Informatics retained its position in top five SMO Firms since Aug 09.