Is it a netbook? NO…
Is it a smartphone? NO…
It’s an iPad!

Astounding? NO…
Amazing? NO…
It’s simply… unbelievable!

So much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smartphone,” Steve Jobs said at Apple’s biggest product launch since the iPhone three years ago.

Why iPad Will Become An iFad

What looks like a bigger iPhone, the iPad packs in contacts, a calendar, maps, music, email, photos, games, videos and ebooks. You have access to iTunes and high-definition YouTube, a virtual keyboard and unbelievable browsing experience. It’s a great way to watch TV or movies and store your favorite music albums.

Some iStatistics on the iPad

  • Half-inch THIN
  • WEIGHS 1.5 pounds
  • BIGGER than an iPhone
  • THINNER than any netbook
  • 9.7 inch IPS DISPLAY
  • SSD STORAGE of 16, 32, or 64 GB
  • 10 hours BATTERY life
  • 1 MONTH of STANDBY time on the BATTERY

Apps for the iPad

The iPad can run almost any app in its unmodified form from the App Store. Among the apps exhibited was Brushes. Of course, you can scroll to view the entire width of the painting. There are popup windows for you to pick brushes, colors and other tools. Once you’re done with your work of art, you can send it to Twitter or Facebook or simply email it.

Also, iBooks lets you choose books from what looks like a bookshelf. You can download books onto the iPad. You would be able to read bestsellers as well as textbooks shortly on the iPad. iWork allows you to make presentations with touch input. All iPads have Wi-Fi.

iPad iPrice

Well, its $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB. With 3G, the price increases by $130. So, it would be $629 for 16GB, $729 for 32GB and $829 for 64 GB.

Would have given Jobs a standing ovation… except that I have to be seated to type this :) !

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The author, Priya Nigam, is the Chief Content Development strategist in the organization.