LinkedIn is the most professional of all social media sites. Studies have found that 93% of B2B marketers consider it extremely effective for leads. Further, 51% companies acquire a B2C customer through LinkedIn. As of March 2021, the platform has about 740 million members in 200 countries, with over 55 million registered organizations. So, consider using it to improve brand awareness, share your marketing content, build your network, boost conversions and increase revenue, according to an article by HubSpot.

For this, you need to refine your profile constantly and define your audience. Marketers might also need to create an effective page, optimize it for search, and publish engaging content. These are tactful ways to connect your brand with more than 660 million professionals across the globe. Below are other solutions to build credibility in meaningful ways on LinkedIn.

Professional Profile

This is the first step to getting started. Besides filling the appropriate category and uploading the logo and tagline, consider:

  • Skills and expertise, projects and publications.
  • Volunteering and support for causes across various non-profit and non-government organizations.
  • Add test scores, patents, certifications, languages and awards.
  • Share valuable YouTube videos and presentations.
  • Ensure regular status updates and statements to keep the LinkedIn community updated.

Ensure custom content creation with industry terminology, competitor analysis, hashtag research and strategy development and make sure you follow a consistent voice with the help of professionals. An informative page will allow people to learn your company’s story and might encourage engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

It is crucial to get discovered on LinkedIn and appear in maximum number of searches. So, add industry-related keywords in various parts of the profile. For example, keywords should be present in the summary or headline section. Further, competitor research, knowing your audience and a good sitemap are other essential elements of SEO, especially for your website, which you should link to your LinkedIn profile, according to an article by Forbes. These will be able to drive visibility and could subsequently tick off the SEO objectives: organic traffic and conversions.

Community Features

Three new features, including LinkedIn Live, Invite to Follow and Easier Content Sharing, were rolled out in January 2020 to support community building, according to information shared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog. These can help you connect and stay in touch with potential customers. In fact, you can also see impressive engagement and personalized connections stemming from utilizing these tools. Keep the features “Always On” and click on “Extend Your Reach” to boost your posts.

Check LinkedIn Analytics

Use the performance data to its full potential. A selection of metrics is available to capture how a company page is performing. Take an in-depth look at the effectiveness of your articles and other posts. Figure out if there is room for growth and improvement to increase the number of people who view your content. You can also measure aspects like comments, shares, followers, sponsored posts, clicks, interactions, engagements, reach and impressions. There are 3 options: Visitors, Updates and Followers. Click on any of these to analyze your LinkedIn efforts.

In all, the right LinkedIn strategy can work wonders for businesses. Therefore, make sure this social media platform is a significant part of your marketing efforts.