Millennials receive the lion’s share of marketing strategies. Most marketers have spent years strategizing for millennials – their ideals, buying habits and desires. Every marketing message today is geared to all this.  But let’s not ignore that Generation Z is here and are already making purchase decisions. In fact, Gen Z is the next big market for brands and trying to attract them, sometimes, may not be as easy as it has been their predecessors.

This generation is poised to assert its influence, forcing marketers to rethink their strategies and marketing relationships. If we look at eCommerce, most of Gen Z is already online. But remember, each person is different and the way each perceives content is different.

Here’s a look at how to connect with Gen Z and align your strategies to their specific interests and personality.


Don’t Advertise, Engage!

Gen Zers consume content more than ads and have an opinion about everything. They want to learn, rather than being preached to. And, in their process of learning, they don’t mind spending a little more than millennials either. They are looking for better ways of doing and getting things done. This is one of the main reasons why Gen Z loves influencers. They are constantly looking to their favorite influencers’ opinions on various products and brands. But be careful; they prefer an honest review. An influencer ideally should market a product with a middle ground approach, so that a person can make an unbiased choice. But remember that influencers might not be the best idea for every brand. Find where your target audience spends most of their time and connect with them on those channels.


Keep it Crisp

Although Gen Z might be all about the internet, no one likes to read something exceptionally wordy. Being to the point and crystal clear is the way to go. You need to include things like videos, images, data and stats to get it across to this generation. Gen Z likes their information upfront, so leave the fluff outside the door. Support your blogs and advertisements with visuals that give them additional credibility, such as charts and statistics. Remember to conduct your own research too and don’t be afraid to share it with your target audience.


Promote Start-Ups Too

COVID-19 has made almost every Gen Zer experience loss, whether a loved one, a parent’s job or a salary cut. They have started believing that there is no such thing as a completely secure job. Upon interviewing teens in the US, approximately 72% of them want to start their own business one day, with about 61% wanting to start off directly after college. This generation also prefers questioning, rather than simply accepting things at face value. Another thing that can be a big seller for this generation, seeing how interested they are in starting their own businesses, is showing them behind-the-scenes scenarios and giving them insight into how your business works. Emphasizing entrepreneurial values while conversing with them is also a big seller.


Don’t Leave Any Social Media Platform Out

Gen Z has quick and easy access to social media and, more importantly, the internet. Most people of this generation rely on the internet and social media for their daily news. Each person is known to have at least a Facebook and Instagram account. Instagram is mainly used to show their aspirational self, while Facebook is mainly used as a platform to publish content, which means they seek information here. So use these channels to address different aspects of your target audience.


Generation Z is very different from any other generation we have dealt with. Marketing to this generation needs some rethinking and restrategizing. Also, remember, this generation is idealistic, wants the corporate world to fulfill its social responsibility and is very aware of the environmental impact of their actions. If you want to make them love you, make sure you focus on these aspects in your marketing messages too.

If you take out time to understand this generation, the rewards could be multifarious.