Against the backdrop of technological advancements, such as AI-generated content, what do businesses need to know about staying ahead of the curve with content marketing in 2023? Firstly, some trends that we had already seen taken centerstage in 2022 are likely to continue in future, such as proving the value of your content and focusing on search intent. Using multiple media formats with a focus on storytelling is also likely to win you ardent fans.

Content Marketing Cycle

But content has evolved over time, especially in the past few years, in sync with search engine algorithms. A focus on audience enrichment rather than product promotion is more important than ever before, especially given Google’s E-E-A-T update. Here’s a look at some more top trends that could benefit your online visibility in 2023.

Short-Form Video

Did you know that YouTube users view a whopping 1 billion hours of video each day? It is no secret that videos are more exciting than static posts. They have emerged as the key content element to gain traction across channels. Studies have found that 66% of consumers find short-form videos to be the most engaging social media content. So, 21% of marketers are planning to capitalize on them for the first time in 2023. Here’s what to do:

  • Add interesting captions
  • Put in mind-boggling plot twists
  • Pick trending music and hashtags

Make the most of Instagram Stories, YouTube Shorts and TikTok, with fun effects to create engagement. You are likely to see the likes and comments spiraling.


The global podcasting market size stood at $18.52 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.6% from 2023 to 2030. It has now become a reliable, versatile and affordable form of content marketing to promote and sell via audio content. It is effective because 60% of listeners claim to search for a product after learning about it on a podcast. So, platforms like Clubhouse and Discord are on the rise. Podcasts are called the “dark horse” of online marketing and come with immense growth potential. This is why 32% of marketers wish to learn what podcasting is to appeal to those who prefer listening over reading.

Localized Content

Localization can increase search traffic by a whopping 47%. The conversion rate can also rise by 20%. Wondering why? Well, localized content means:

  • Adapting to the customer’s language and culture.
  • Tailoring information based on local customs, values, and beliefs.

Localized Content

Try to add photography and graphic elements too. All of these ensure your content resonates with the target audience on an emotional level and fits their needs. Studies have found that 72% of consumers that performed a local search visited a store within five miles. Also, “open now near me” searches globally on Google increased 400% year-on-year in 2022.

Humanizing the Experience

The online world is crowded and noisy. This leads to “decision fatigue” in potential buyers, which is a negative psychological reaction when the brain is tired of too many choices. This is why adding a human touch among the sea of AI-generated content can be a great idea.

Try to show empathy and support, know what your audience wants and turn the method of receiving information into a jovial conversation. Avoid a salesy pitch and speak “human to human.” Be honest, genuine and transparent. These go a long way since 83% of people wish to have a compassionate connection. Acknowledge them in a digital world and create experiences keeping them in mind.

Long-Form Content

This is high quality and information-rich content. Google tends to rank long-form content high among its search results, which makes them highly visible online. They are especially popular among people who wish to have an immersive and engaging experience. Long-form content is typically more than 1,200 words and covers a topic in great depth. Posts longer than 3,000 words are likely to get an average of 77.2% more backlinks. This is an excellent way to gain more authority in the industry. Other benefits are:

  • Raised time on the page for SEO
  • Increased shareability
  • Allows detailed educational content
  • Increases comments and conversions on blogs

A few examples of long-form content are eBooks, white papers, case studies, brochures and datasheets, round-ups, reviews, and guides. These can help establish a core audience base.

Real-Time Videos

The global live-streaming market is estimated to cross $247 billion by 2027. Live streaming has a much higher engagement rate than pre-recorded videos. Businesses can head over to Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to talk to their viewers live. Also, live interactions mean that you get only relevant traffic. This helps you find your potential buyers. Consider hosting talk sessions with industry leaders, showing BTS clips, conducting Q&A sessions and going live during an event at your workplace.

Real-Time Videos

You may also showcase a social event or the general challenges you face and how the brand overcomes them. Customers love the authenticity, which helps build trust. Add a touch of exclusivity, for instance, allowing only those who attended the live video to participate in a contest.

Social Media Optimization

Assess and alter your existing content. Try to conform to the best social media practices of 2023. For example, focus on creating extremely engaging in-feed social content. Make sure it proves your expertise and is worth the time of the viewers. Conduct thorough keyword research, use humor, and make it highly interactive. Funny, trendy and relatable content is likely to stand out in 2023. In fact, Instagram is poised to see the highest profits of all social apps this year, so use it for your brand. Keep track of the constantly changing topics, hashtags and behaviors to stay ahead of the game.

A few other content marketing trends that might see an uptick are co-marketing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. What will hardly ever go out of fashion are mobile optimization and backlinks. Whatever you do, make sure to align the content with the entirety of the buyer’s journey to garner good returns on your investment.