When I’m watchin’ my TV
And that man comes on to tell me
How white my shirts can be…
I can’t get no satisfaction.

(Satisfaction – Rolling Stones)

Your customers are probably as fed up of interruption marketing as Mick Jagger sounded in that song! More than a decade back people were still willing to be innocent victims of repeated television and radio commercials. However, people today have low tolerance than ever for advertising and promotion messages that are unanticipated and mostly irrelevant. In fact, I am guilty of that as well… after all I did mute the TV whenever the match between Manchester United and Liverpool was interrupted by someone recommending the longest lasting batteries or sneakers that can breathe. “Stop interrupting me!” – Be sure that most of your customers are saying that today.

So, how do you get your message across? The two basic rules that work today are:

  1. Give people a choice – Let them choose what they would like to know and when they would like to know it
  2. Create value for people – And create it immediately

This ensures that your messaging is not unanticipated and is definitely not irrelevant. In fact, it is valuable to your audience. How do you do that? – Through Content Marketing.

Some Quick FAQs about content marketing

  1. What is content marketing? – It is marketing that focuses on the sharing of content as a persuasion tool.
  2. What is the scope of content marketing? – It includes various forms of media, from custom magazines to blogs, from websites to white papers and from online newsletters to webcasts and podcasts.
  3. Does content marketing involve direct reference to your company and product/service? – It can, but it needn’t.
  4. What should the content revolve around? – The content is largely focused on educating the audience about industry issues and/or the developments in a particular product category. The content does not endorse a company’s products or services, but provides useful information and adds to the knowledge base of the audience. The content could be useful or entertaining, as long as it is worthwhile to a reader.
  5. What is the basic objective of content marketing? – The goal is to grab the attention of the target audience, establish brand recognition and foster an image of the company as being
  • associated with value creation
  • an industry expert and
  • a thought leader.

Advantages of Online Content Marketing

  • Cheaper than other forms of marketing
  • Targeted
  • Focused on building long-term relationships
  • Measurable
  • Flexible
  • Highly responsive
  • Has a longer shelf life

So, while most traditional forms of marketing are largely hit and run, content marketing is most certainly not. Unique, informative and entertaining content can go a long way in helping you retain existing customers as well as building a new consumer base. It is a powerful tool that helps companies create a bigger and longer-lasting footprint. No wonder then that content marketing is today a multi-billion dollar industry. And while content marketing is on fire, it does not burn a hole in your pocket!