TopSEOs recognizes Veda Informatics as one of the Best Social Media Optimization Firms in India

New Delhi, India, August 6: Veda Informatics has been ranked among India’s top 5 social media optimization (SMO) firms by TopSEOs, an independent authority on internet marketing vendors. The company has achieved this feat for the third consecutively month, this August. The rankings were given on the basis of SMO services for its clients – and Veda Informatics was recognized for its excellence in providing social media optimization services and achieving the objectives of these services. The company received high ratings for reach and brand management and was also recognized for timeliness and methodology.

The online world is a community with several communities within it. People here communicate, exchange ideas, chat, share their dreams and fears and interact with friends and strangers across the globe. Some of them also talk business. This is where social media optimization (SMO) steps in. While all companies aim at spreading the word about what they are doing, what is more important is how it is done. Some companies intrude communities that are not interested in listening, thus doing more damage than good to their image. Good social media optimization focuses on creating a community around your activity. SMO is all about keeping people engaged.

Veda Informatics has been working with clients from the US and Europe for more than six years. Veda Informatics’ social media optimization services use social media sites, blogs, forums, mini-sites, social bookmarks and viral promotion material to create communities for their clients. Managing these communities and making them more visible is the next step. The company focuses on quality, consistency and close associations with their clients.

About TopSEOs:

TopSEOs reviews around 3,000 online marketing firms from more than 130 countries. It exhibits at global conferences, receives research contributions from experts and reviews technologies that have not hit the market. Its ratings for firms on the basis of search products and services, such as SEO and PPC management tools, helps businesses decide before hiring vendors.