Seven Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing The iPad

The iPad was received by a fervent (almost fanatical) response! However, the device has much left to be desired. Also, what’s new about the iPad anyway?

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Difference between the iPad and iTouch

I have been asking, “What is the difference between the iPad and the iTouch?” The only answer I’ve got so far is size. Of course, I understand that this increases the utility of the device. The Apple iPad will not cannibalize the iTouch, since the former is meant to replace the laptop and the latter is a more capable version of the iPod.

What You Should Know Before Buying The iPad

So here are some factors you should consider before investing into an iPad:
Size: The iTouch has the same capabilities as the iPad, except that the tablet is BIGGER and EXTREMELY HEAVIER.

Keyboard: The iPad’s touch keyboard is NOT responsive enough.

Screen: Widescreen formatted movies appear DISTORTED on the iPad’s screen.

Hardware: Although the hardware is unlocked, allowing you to choose your service provider, the “micro SIM” chips supported by the iPad do not leave you with much choice. This SIM is provided ONLY by AT&T.

Camera: NO CAMERA means that it leaves you scurrying to find a laptop if you wish to hold a video chat.

SD or USB ports: In the high tech world, where users are accustomed to plug-in devices, the iPad DOES NOT feature SD or USB ports. You will NEED TO BUY ADAPTORS to be able to use any plug-in device.

Multitasking: While the iPad processes your commands FASTER, it does not give you the ability to multitask. This can prove to be a major DEAL BREAKER.

Although the Apple iPad Tablet device looks like an excellent surfing, emailing and ebook reading machine, the first-generation Apple iPad lacks certain essential features that may make buyers decide against it.


The author, Shalini Malik, is an industry expert in the content writing services department with the organization.