The rise of tech-first brokers has taken the lead in attracting both new traders and IBs (introducing brokers) to pose stiff competition for traditional brokerage firms. The good news is that the demand side is expected to continue expanding. The global securities brokerage and stock exchange services market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2024 to 2028 to cross $2.8 trillion by the end of the forecast period. How do you capture a larger share of this pie and keep your clients trading in both bear and bull markets?

The answer lies in a killer content strategy that positions you as the go-to broker for financial market participants.

Attracting New Traders Pays High Dividends

Build Trust

Brand building is key to your content strategy and needs to communicate your value proposition. Branding for brokers must inspire trust. Your website must mention the year of establishment, details of the core team, all licenses your brokerage has, the awards you may have won, etc.

Follow a content-first strategy for your website. Many brokers have their website designed and hire writers to create content to fit the design. Experienced content writers would be able to provide content and design inputs for your website. They begin by gaining a deep understanding of your business, your target audience, and the competitive landscape. Experienced content writers will also understand website conversion funnels. A content-first strategy will ensure your webpages highlight your USPs and value proposition.

Build Trust

Building trust assures traders that their funds are safe and that your platform won’t suddenly get shut down by regulators. Content marketing for brokers goes beyond creating original content to ensuring it speaks the language of your target audience and doesn’t alienate them with financial jargon.

Pro Tip: Don’t treat SEO as an afterthought. Ensuring SEO is on point has an impact and doing it right the first time is the most cost-efficient way of generating leads.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Position your brokerage as a credible, trustworthy brand, one that stays a step ahead of the rest with thought leadership articles and press releases. You may also share long-form articles on LinkedIn.

While market analysis and opinion pieces are great for thought leadership content, giving sneak peeks into the future of trading technology and asset performance also work well. This is exactly what StoneX has done to great success. The broker has grown from being a $0.5 billion enterprise in 2001 to a market cap of a whopping $2.5 billion by 2024. Webinars and podcasts are hugely popular among traders worldwide. It’ll work even better if you can invite well-known names from the industry from time to time.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Create Excitement

Sharing market updates and success stories on your blog, social media posts and emailers can prove effective. Market updates may cover top gainers and losers, analyst rating changes and recommendations, and results reported by leading companies. Posts that create FOMO also work well for conversions.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include powerful Calls to Action.

Give a Nudge

Some prospects need a push to finally register and start trading. Drive home advantages of trading with your brokerage, including zero commission trading, tight spreads, customer support provided, average response time to queries, etc. You could also promote bonuses at this stage.

Invest in Keeping Clients Trading

Content marketing doesn’t end with a signup. Your brokerage needs clients to continue trading. The first step in doing so is to prevent them from making mistakes that translate to huge losses.

Share Educational Content

Educational resources are invaluable for traders, while also being great SEO enhancers and brand identity builders. There’s a huge variety of formats to choose from too, including how-to videos, tutorials, step-by-step guides, and text-based introductions to asset classes, technical indicators, and more. This demonstrates your commitment to empowering traders to participate in the markets. Even the largest brokerage in the US by AUM, Charles Schwab, does this.

Address the Deterrents

To keep traders trading, experienced content writers will consider the reasons for halting and align their marketing strategy accordingly. Here are 4 that we have experienced:

On Holiday: Even active traders in the US and Europe will take a Christmas break. Consider sharing blogs and social media posts on phenomena like the Santa Claus Rally. Share content on holiday shopping trends and the companies that benefit the most from these, like Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and Best Buy. Indian traders will become passive during Diwali, and sharing the excitement of Mahurat trading may help the cause. For instance, Tiger Brokers launched a Chinese New Year campaign, organizing a series of activities and offering attractive rewards targeting new and existing users.

Address the Deterrents

Got Busy: Most people trade as a side-hustle or hobby, and their trading activity may slack during busy periods at work. To trigger action from them, highlight the speed and ease of your platform, instant deposits, and the availability of actionable insights directly on the platform. For instance, CMC Markets promoted “1 Click Trading” by publishing blogs and FAQs on its website and releasing video tutorials on this feature.

Cold Feet: Some new traders practice on demo accounts but feel apprehensive about starting to trade. Some feel discouraged by a couple of losing trades and quit. Sharing articles on trading strategies and strong risk management techniques can boost their confidence.

Bear Markets: Downtrends can be terrifying for some traders. Get them back into the game by sharing educational content on short selling, CFD trading for opportunities in both rising and falling markets, and ideas on undervalued assets that they can go long on.

A multichannel approach to content marketing has proven to be the most effective for brokers worldwide. This way, you not only maximize your reach but also provide something for every type of trader, regardless of their experience level, age, or geography.

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