Competition in the enterprise management and business processes space is highly intense. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to develop and offer solutions that are scalable and cost-effective. StarPoundTechnologies, an enterprise solutions firm, has recognized the competitive landscape of open source BPM solutions and developed an on-demand hosted platform through cloud computing to enable companies of all sizes adapt web services and communication-enabled processes in a fraction of the time and cost.

StarPound has partnered with Amazon to deploy applications on the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud. By offering a cloud computing deployment model, StarPound’s customers can benefit from rapid and agile deployment and scalability. Their offering, “CORE”, is an open source BPM application that integrates voice and data in a single application, including live web/voice services accessible via phone calls, emails, EDI, and SOAP/REST, through software-as-a-service (SaaS). In addition, StarPound offers open source PBX and call center services through their private cloud.

Benefits of Open Source BPM Through Cloud Computing

StarPound’s customers have experienced a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) in implementing and maintaining their on-demand application services. Some customers have experienced as much as a 90% reduction in their overall technology spend. According to StarPound’s CXOs, StarPound has realized cost savings worth $3-$5 million by leveraging Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud services.

StarPound’s core competencies lie in developing cutting-edge voice applications and open source BPM applications. Its partnership with Amazon EC2 has helped the company tie up with many Fortune 1000 organizations to implement a wide range of infrastructure management and optimization solutions. The biggest benefit arising from the partnership with Amazon is that the Amazon brand gives StarPound’s customers an enormous comfort level. This synergy allows its sales and business development team to focus its discussions around solving customer problems, rather than trying to mitigate the inherent risks of cloud-computing.

Vision for the future includes an elaborate plan to expand into emerging markets and build a viable case for long term cloud computing adoption. Critical factors like redundancy, failover and disaster recovery will be on the agenda for StarPound in the medium to long term. According to cloud experts, the key would lie on tests on server sizing. Every company in emerging spaces, like cloud and on-demand computing, has to be sure of the transactions or users that can be seamlessly migrated or supported on various Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing server instance sizes.