The world is quickly waking up to the power of the Indian customer base. The new Google Chrome ad on TV is a case in point. When Google Chrome first launched its marketing campaign in India, it started with an ad that seemed to be a generic version of what the West sees as the quintessential Asian consumer. It seemed that Google quickly realized that to make in-roads into the Indian mind space, it would need to revamp its campaign. And it did so with élan.

Today, the Google Chrome advertisement talks to the most powerful decision maker in the Indian home – the woman. It tells the woman that regardless of where her talents and interests lie, she can reach out to the world and find a place for herself through the rapidly growing internet community in India.

Brilliant piece of advertising. Straight in-line with what we at Veda have always believed in – the power of the online space in reaching out to a very specific target audience! That being said, you need to see it for yourself and marvel at Google Chrome and the think tank behind this ad.