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Choosing Content Writers for the BFSI Industry

While targeting younger generations, fintech challenger banks like Atom Bank choose interactive marketing campaigns. With one of their campaigns, they invited clients to design their own logos, creating a buzz about the brand. Players in the BFSI sector depend on creative content marketing strategies like these to improve customer engagement and retention and position themselves

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Choosing Content Writers for the Banking Industry

“There are some things that money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s…” If you saw this tagline, I bet your brain would automatically fill in the last word as “Mastercard.” That’s the power of content. Why am I talking about such an old tagline? That’s because Mastercard celebrated the 25th anniversary of its “Priceless” campaign

By |2024-05-27T10:28:09+05:30May 27th, 2024|Banking, Finance|0 Comments

Is Your Brokerage Ahead of Cyber Criminals?

The good news for brokers is that online trading is seeing a huge rise in popularity, thanks to advances in technology. Unfortunately, this move to online trading also gives opportunities for hacktivism. Brokers collect and store sensitive personal and financial data, which makes them tempting targets for cyber criminals. A cyber-attack can lead to significant

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7 Most Popular Trading Indicators

Trading the financial markets? Have you mastered the trading indicators used most commonly by traders? If you still haven’t, all we have to say is – #YMYL (your money, your life). Don’t dive into the deep end of the markets without first learning more about the tools you can use for informed trading decisions. One

By |2023-04-26T14:09:16+05:30May 2nd, 2023|Finance, YMYL|0 Comments

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in an IPO

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a quick way for a company to gain funding for expansion and growth. It also helps the company gain publicity and credibility while opening up the biggest source of funds for it. Also, it gives investors the opportunity to get a slice of the organisation’s growth pie. When multiple

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Got an Appetite for SEO? E-E-A-T Your Way to the Top of Google Searches

Google has made first-hand experience the most important factor for its search ranking by upgrading its E-A-T page ranking guidelines to include an extra "E." The new E-E-A-T or Double E-A-T is a search rating guidelines update that stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust. With this update, Google aims to refine how it ensures

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What Steven Spielberg’s Movies Teach Us About Fintech Marketing

From a very questionable first movie, Firelight (1964), Spielberg has definitely emerged as an immaculate storyteller. But if you thought his movies are either about science fiction (read murderous dinosaurs and adorable aliens) or about real-life legends (read Schindler’s List and Lincoln), we’ve got a rethink coming up for you. I’ve been looking forward to

By |2022-11-22T10:24:37+05:30November 22nd, 2022|Content Marketing, Finance|0 Comments

Neo Banks: The Biggest Challenge to Traditional Banking?

A term that was first used in 2017, neo banks or challenger banks, as they are called in the UK, are living up to their name. These fintech-based banks are giving the traditional banking system quite a run for their money (quite literally). Although neo banks operate only via digital means, such as mobile apps,

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How Covid Flipped the Traditionally Slow-to-Innovate Education Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on teaching pedagogies and strategies for learning assessment. In effect, the pandemic overturned even some of the most strongly held beliefs about K-12 and higher education. It highlighted that the frameworks that had so far been used for education delivery might no longer bring the best results.

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How Brand Messaging Has Adapted to the Coronavirus Crisis

No, I’m not going to start this article with the latest on the number of people infected worldwide with COVID-19 or what the death toll stands at. Everywhere I turn these days, that’s all I get to see. But, what I will say is this – how we respond to adversity reveals our true character.

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