We are now part of Microsoft’s BizSpark Program. This is exciting, as this global program fosters the success of innovative startups committed to Microsoft’s platform technologies. Earlier this month, Veda was selected to join the Microsoft BizSpark Program as a Network Partner. Launched in November 2008, the BizSpark Program is a global business program designed to support and guide entrepreneurs and startups by connecting them to Network Partners. Network Partners are essentially businesses that are active members of the global software ecosystem and can offer mentorship, guidance and resources to BizSpark Startups.

Those businesses that qualify as BizSpark Startups gain access to Microsoft development tools, platform technologies and production licenses, including Windows Server and SQL Server. BizSpark, thus, creates an ongoing, mutually beneficial ecosystem between Microsoft, Startups and Network Partners.

Veda Informatics has always been dedicated to encouraging new talent. Being a Network Partner for the Microsoft BizSpark Program gives us a larger platform to foster and support innovation across the globe,” says Harish Agrawal, Director, Veda Informatics.

As part of its commitment to helping young businesses become sustainable entities, Microsoft brings quick and easy access to software for entrepreneurs and innovative startups, without any up front enrolment fee. With Network Partners across the word, Microsoft will also be able to provide investors, incubators, advisors, hosters and government agencies that can provide the essential resources for these startups.

Needless to say, being part of the Microsoft BizSpark Program will bring global visibility and help entrepreneurs not only attract more clients but to also find the right investors and partners. This incomparable access to peers, partners and resources from across the world definitely gives BizSpark members an edge over other startups.

To qualify for the Microsoft BizSpark Program, a startup should be engaged in providing software-based products and services. The startup also should have been in the business for less than three years and have annual revenues of less than US$ 1 million at the time it enrolls for the program. An enrolment code can be obtained through a designated Network Partner of BizSpark Champ.