Do you remember the last time you reached for the Yellow Pages to search for a particular company? Well, as customers, we have become environmentally conscious, paper-free and don’t prefer catalog marketing either. We usually toss away direct mailers into the trash can. Similarly, no one wants to attend a call on one’s mobile without permission. In fact, telemarketing has never been really effective. Print and television are here to stay, however more and more companies are opting for interactive marketing mediums that are not only affordable but surely effective.

The last three quarters of 2009 saw 18.1% and 9.2% growth in mobile and internet respectively. On the other hand, advertising through TV declined by -10.1%, newspapers by -18.7% and radio by -11.7%. The coming decade will see closer integration of television and print with the internet for marketing purposes.

Interactive Marketing Strategies: 2010

In the new decade two-way communication with consumers is going to replace one-way marketing methods. Therefore businesses need to focus on relationship marketing. They need to interact closely with customers and get to know their exact demands. It is the need of the hour that businesses introspect on their brand presence and reputation online. Your new marketing strategy for 2010 should involve more than just interacting with consumers. In fact, you need to engage with them and create relationships to grow your business.

Here are some interactive marketing strategies that you can implement in 2010:

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is not all about broadcasting. It is mainly based on interaction with customers on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Your social media marketing strategy should aim at cultivating relationships. This includes social media optimizing (SMO), which aims at bringing more traffic to your website through various mediums.

Mobile Marketing:

In 2009, we saw it as the new buzzword. In reality, we’ve just stared at it. Mobile marketing is an effective medium for serving advertisements, invitations and reminders, as well as creating applications to entertain and build brand awareness. Mobile marketing is more likely to be effective if it is permission-based. A growing degree of irritation with cell phone spam is the fall out of mobile marketing misuse in the past few years.


It is important to know how your target audience perceives your business. Neuromarketing deals with the working of human brain other than pure metrics or click behavior. Neuromarketing uses technology to track the reactions of the human brain to certain marketing inputs. This kind of study can give you the up-front factors that caused a campaign to fail.

Loyalty Marketing:

Loyalty programs have always proved worthy marketing campaigns. Customers feel important and connected to your business. They can relate to your products and services through rewards that are on offer. Loyalty programs can bring you lifetime customers as well.

Behavior Marketing:

Enough of nonsense adverting bombardment. 2010 is the time for some critical thinking and relevancy in campaigns. Modern consumers are lifestyle-conscious and want to learn new things and new experiences. A creative approach with sensitivity to their lifestyle choices will be more effective in 2010. For example, the growing trend towards green products.

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The author, Ranjit Kaur, is a member of content writing team with Veda Informatics.