So, the day is finally here! In less than an hour, Apple will unveil its tablet computer to the world. Apple has managed to take the world by storm time and again. Will we see another earthmoving app, which people “just have to have”?

Apple Tablet: The Middle Path?

With Apple guarding the secret well so far, speculations are rampant. The blogosphere is abuzz with speculations of the device being something between the iPhone and the 13-inch MacBook. Most tech savvy folks expect this device to feature the iPhone OS, have a seven-to-ten-inch screen (of course, that would have to be a touchscreen), have a 3G connection and have the capability of displaying a gamut of media content, including magazines, newspapers and videos.

Apple Tablet: My 2 Cents on Content

Content is really going to be King this time. Expectations are for Apple to unveil new formats of print media along with its tablet. Anticipations mount in the publishing industry and speculations are for Apple to deliver the new forms of content via the iTunes Store. What about other devices? Will content be restricted to Apple’s tablet?

Too many unanswered questions for now… let’s just wait for Jobs to make our job of guessing simpler!


The new Apple’s Tablet PC – The iPAD has been released, check out the next post to get intimate with iPad’s Major features, you may be interested to know!


The author, Priya Nigam, is the Chief Content Development strategist in the organization.