Isn’t it exciting to witness the rising effectiveness of social media as a great business promotion tool? Well, the world is tweeting, following, adding followers and building their brand image to laugh all the way to the banks, thanks to social media interactions.

So, what is Social Media after all:

To the uninitiated, however, the commotion around social media may be too confusing. They are forced to wonder, is social media Twitter, Facebook or their blogs? Well, the answer is all of them and a lot more! Social media spans social bookmarking sites, social video sharing sites, social networking sites (except dating sites) and social news sites. Examples include Stumbleupon, Blinklist, Reddit, Digg, Facebook, Hi5, YouTube and Flickr. Hence, businesses can tap into all these tools to enhance their website traffic, build quality back links, and post increased sales and profits.

Social Media Promotion: How to Increase Your Website Traffic

The next question, obviously, is how exactly to do social media promotion? How to build a loyal customer base that find your posts authoritative, credible and worth reading? Here is a guide to help you achieve that:

  • Blogs: Free blogs, such as WordPress, are the best tools for fast search engine indexing. You can also create an RSS feed to inform visitors about your latest blog topics. Equally important is posting quality, interesting, relevant content carrying the right keywords, for they help attract the target audience. Creating separate categories for separate topics also helps user navigation and search.
  • Join Relevant Social Media sites: Research well to find social media sites that host groups or categories relevant to your type of products and services. Such sites help attract your target audience. Join these sites and build your profile carefully. Be sure to give your real name, upload your real photograph and link with your latest blog topics to ensure credibility. You can also post questions, and ask for feedbacks, opinions and suggestions on your blog posts.
  • Track Traffic: Use Google Analytics to track your visitor traffic. This includes tracking secondary links traffic that is created by readers’ content syndication. In fact, secondary links are your key to increased search engine rankings.

Businesses can also leverage their Twitter account for better visitor traffic. However, be careful about not sounding promotional; keep your tone conversational and personal. Tweet at least once daily with useful tips, advice and suggestions. Interact regularly with people through asking and answering questions and retweeting valuable information. All this, and your business cannot be far away from multiplied success!

There are a number of sites on which social media promotion strategies can be applied to gain traffic. But its not as easy as it sounds to be, as each social media site is having its own specific purpose, concept & functionality. That’s why one need to prepare the promotional strategy for each social media site, separately. Hope this post is helpful, suggestions & comments are welcome.


The author, Raji PV, is an industry expert in the content development services department with the organization.