Google has done it again… and how! The new Google Chrome ad has everything – from the innovative concept that keeps you mesmerized to the music, which says more than a thousand words! If you want to capture the imagination of the Indian consumer, you couldn’t get it more right.

I loved the way the ad begins with the logo made in Tanjore painting style. Then, of course, there is the concept, which is something like the Flintstones meeting the Jetsons. The ad puts across more clearly than any verbose debate could that technology and art need not be two mutually exclusive concepts. One can further the other, provide support, enhancements and greater reach.

The ad beautifully integrates all applications and tools offered by the company. You see the search engine, Google Adwords, Gmail, Google Plus and more. You also learn how each plays a part in completing the picture – a picture as impressive as the quintessential Tanjore painting.

If I had a rope to pull that put a +1 for the new Google Chrome ad, I would! Don’t take my word for it… see it for yourself!!