Why the World is Turning More Bullish on Cryptos in 2023

Cryptos are red hot again. Bitcoin is up almost 70% year to date, and reports of the crypto king breaching $100,000 by 2024 have grabbed the headlines again. This is exactly what investors were hoping for after a dismal 2022, when the cryptocurrency market cap declined below $800 billion. This phenomenal revival has put an

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Top 3 Brokers in India for Trading Like a Pro in 2023

India is home to Asia's oldest stock market, the BSE, and the world's largest derivatives market by number of contracts, the NSE. Yet, only 3% of Indian households actively invest in the stock market. Millennials turned to the financial markets only after the pandemic led to economic uncertainties and made time available for them to learn

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India Leans on Fintech to Turbocharge Economic Growth

Just a couple of years back, we waited with bated breath for the pandemic to ease and for global economic growth to reaccelerate. In 2022, that became a fast fading dream. Storm clouds gathered over the global economy, as the US Fed continued its aggressive tightening spree, the EU got engulfed in an energy crisis

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