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Everything You Need to Know About Investing in an IPO

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a quick way for a company to gain funding for expansion and growth. It also helps the company gain publicity and credibility while opening up the biggest source of funds for it. Also, it gives investors the opportunity to get a slice of the organisation’s growth pie. When multiple

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Top 3 Brokers in India for Trading Like a Pro in 2023

India is home to Asia's oldest stock market, the BSE, and the world's largest derivatives market by number of contracts, the NSE. Yet, only 3% of Indian households actively invest in the stock market. Millennials turned to the financial markets only after the pandemic led to economic uncertainties and made time available for them to learn

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Why US Big Pharma Stocks Got Hammered in the First Quarter

Large US drug manufacturers posted mixed Q4 results, with most beating the earnings expectations but disappointing on sales. Most of these companies also issued conservative 2023 guidance. The US pharma sector saw a difficult 2022, with stocks witnessing declining valuations and a slowdown of new drug approvals. This article breaks down what hurt pharma stocks

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